Dye Sublimation Printing

When sublimation dye is pressed into certain polymers and heated, the polymer molecules open.

The sublimation dye turns into a gas and then penetrates the substrate when heated. After the heat is

removed, the polymer molecules will close and permanently trap the sublimation dyes. The image

gets indelibly transferred to the substrate. When cooled the molecules close and permanently

retain the brilliant color of the sublimation dye.

Dye sublimation is 100% permanent and becomes part of the decorated item. For example, it departs to a t-shirt or jersey a light weight, breathable, long lasting, brilliant image, and since the fabric is dyed and not printed, there is absolutely no feel to the ink, commonly referred to as "no-hand". This is one reason most professional sports garments are decorated with dye sublimation.  The garment would have to lose all it's thread in order to lose its image - did we mention it's permanent.

Also, we GUARANTEE that dye sublimation will never crack or peel.

One important note is that dye sublimation does not have a white ink so it's best used on white or

light colored substrates and if white is desired let the white product provide the white and color

the remaining areas with the dyes.  Dye sublimation uses the CMYK process color system.  RGB coloring is converted via software color profiles and reproduces beautifully.  Although we generally get very very close, please note that exact PMS color matching is not available with this process.

Key Features:
   • Permanent image
   • No-Hand (or feel)
   • Brilliant full hi-res color
   • Will never crack or peel
   • Allows for small quantity decoration